Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tissue Flower Kit

I got a kit that was called "Tissue Flower Kit". I love making these types of things. It takes me about 20 to 30 minutes for me to make one flower. They put tissue paper and a pre-bent flower stem in the box. That's all the stuff you need to make the tissue flowers. If you don't get the kit you can just use about 5 to 7 pieces of tissue paper. Then you make the papers even up to each other. When all of the papers are evened up you will accordian fold the paper. Fold it back and forth then back then forth. You will do that till all of the paper is evenly folded up. Then when it is all evened up make the edge of the paper face the ceiling. Face the edges down. Then hook the pre-bent wire around the paper. Once you have done that, you will wrap the wire around the paper again. When you wrap the wire around the second time the edge of the paper should be facing the ceiling. Then gently pull apart the layers one by one.

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