Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 Things About Me as an Artist

1. I like to draw.
2. I like making zentangle.
3. I like to make clipboards.
4. I do not like to make jewelry.
5. I like like to go to Joann Fabrics.
6. I love to go to Wholly Craft.
7. I am not so good at painting.
8. I want to be an artist when I grow up.
9. I love art class.
10. I think jewelry and clothing look cute when they are vintage.
11. I like to make things out of cardboard boxes.
12. I like to go on YouTube and watch Annoying Orange
13. I love the way graffiti looks.
14. I like to take photos.
15. I am not a big fan of crayons.
16. I use markers more often then crayons.
17. I strongly do not like chalk.
18. I want to enter a drawing contest some day.
19. I don't like colors very much in drawings.
20. My art teacher is very fun and creative.
21. I am in love with Converse. They have a Cat in the Hat shoe. They are so cool.
22. I like to draw on the computer.
23. I have being using a bamboo to draw with.
24. Me and my sister like to decorator cupcakes.
25. I like neon colors.