Saturday, June 12, 2010


I made these notebooks because we were doing Entrepreneur Day at school for a projects. I make up to 5 notebooks at a time. It takes about 30 to 35 minutes to make 5 notebooks. They are great for gifts. You can use magazine letters and magazine photos to make your notebooks. There are all kinds of ways to make your notebook. All you need to make the notebooks is a plain white
notebook and some stuff to decorate it with. You can even use scrapbook paper.

For the first notebook in the photo I made it out of cut out paper and paint sample strips from the paint store. The Hannah Montana notebook is made out of the paint strip too. It is also made out of a photo of her from a magazine. For the last one I made it out of scrapbook paper. You can also make it out of stickers and all kinds of stuff. The white notebook is not that expensive. We got about 40 notebooks for about $10.00 dollars at Oriental Trading Company. Any kind of stuff that you have laying around you could change in to a great gift or just a notebook for you. You can even put your own unique style on to the notebooks. All you have to do is get the notebook and glue on the paper. Then you can add some string or a photo to make in more fun. If you want to add some sparkles or even some stickers you could.

I hope you enjoy making the notebooks as much as I do.

You can see a close-up of each notebook on the slide show that I made.


  1. First of all, I am getting blog background envy! What a cute theme you chose for your blog -- very happy and cheerful!

    I love the notebooks, and especially the ones where you decorated with paint sample strips. What a great idea!

    I can't wait to see what will be the next fun thing to make!

  2. Ana-
    What a great idea!! I was impressed by all the different covers you have. I love these. You are so creative.

    This first post is also explained so much that I could easily do this on my own.

    My last thought is about how you decided in background for your blog. Is this something you found on your own?

  3. Ana,
    These are very cool notebooks! I am looking forward to your future posts. I am going to share your ideas with my cousin's daughter. She likes crafts too.

  4. I got the background from the advanced templates from Blogger. My mom and dad helped me too.

  5. Thanks, I need to try the advanced template option.