Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pillow Friends

This may look like a simple thing to make, but don't let them trick you because it takes about 1 hour just to make 1 of these small Pillow Friends. I would have a parent help
you make a pillow friend. I did not think of this idea. Someone in my class thought of this idea and I thought it was really cool. So I thought you guys would like too know how to make these fun cute Pillow Friends.

The things you need to make your very own Pillow Friend is a needle and some stuffing. You will also need felt. (You can also get all kinds of felt.) You're also going to need thread.

Step 1. You can draw what you want your Pillow Friend to look like
Step 2. You will cut out you Pillow Friend.
Step 3. You will get the string and start sewing on the eyes
Step 4. You will get some more string and start making the mouth
Step 5. You will even up the 2 pieces of your cut out Pillow Friend.
Step 6. You will sew up you Pillow Friend, but do not sew up your Pillow Friend all the way.
Step 7. Put the stuffing in to your Pillow Friend.
Step 8. Sew up the rest of your Pillow Friend.
That's how you make a pillow friend.

You can add different face expressions. You can make your Pillow Friend happy. mad,sad or scared. If you want to. you could make them all the same color. This craft is for older kids especially, because you have to use a needle for most of the time when you are making it.


  1. Ana,
    What a great blog you have started. I think sharing things you like to do will help others be creative. Your pillow friends remind me of the ugly dolls but I like your contrasting thread color that makes your stitches pop is a better feel for your pillow friends. I'm going to share it with my own fifth grader.

  2. These pillow friends are awesome!

  3. I love the mouths and the button eyes! Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. AWESOME!!! How do you get those great ideas?


  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!! I have so many ideas now that there are pillow friends!

  6. Dear Ana,
    You're amazing! I cannot believe you are so talented!
    P.S. I know that you've seen me before. You know me, and I know you :)

  7. Ana;

    WOW!!! I think this idea is great1 im just about to go and begin to make one! Thanks so much for the ideas and ill be sure to tell all my freinds about your blog1 Thanks Again!