Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I haven't posted for a really long time so I thought I would make a blog post on photograph. There will be a couple blog posts on photography showing other pictures I took. Over the summer I took some photograph class. I learned a lot throughout the class. I found out that I have a habit of taking the pictures up close. When the class was all over I started to take some pictures of plants in my back yard. That plants in my back yard aren't really anything unique. Right now its winter but when I took the pictures it was summer or fall and a couple were taken this winter. These are the pictures I took throughout those seasons.


  1. Gorgeous! I'd love to take a class on photography. Maybe you could share some of the tips you learned? (pretty please??) :-)

  2. Gorgeous images. Your compositions are splendid. The way the light shines in some of the photos is just majestic. (I'm also a sucker for photos of flowers that have dew on them.) Keep snapping -- you have a good eye.

  3. These are gorgeous, Ana. Have you printed any of them? They would make nice gifts.