Saturday, August 14, 2010

Silly Bandz Sunprint

To all the people that know about Silly Bandz this craft is for you. Okay. Me and my mom stumbled upon  this kit. It was called Sunprint Kit. Now if you have Silly Bandz then pick some of your favorite ones. Now that you have done that, you will take your kit. In the kit there is a acrylic sheet. Then you will find a piece of cardboard. You will cut the piece of cardboard the same size as the acrylic sheet. There is also a blue sunprint piece of paper in the kit. Next you will take cardboard and lay in on the ground. You will take the kit and get the blue sunprint paper and put the paper on the cardboard. You will make sure that the blue side of the paper is facing the ceiling before you put the paper on the cardboard. Now that you've done that you will put your Silly bandz on that paper. Then you will take the acrylic sheet and put it on top of the other stuff. The acrylic sheet will have a sticky piece of paper on both sides of the acrylic sheet so make sure that you take it off. Now that you've done that you will take it outside and leave it out there for a minute to 5 minutes. After you go get it, you will take the paper and run it under some water for a minute. Then you will place it on a table or a counter. Lay it flat on the ground to dry and you are done.   The Silly Bandz leave a print on the paper after you take them off the paper.


  1. Ana, I love all your silly bandz! It is very hot and sunny in Seattle this week end so this would be a perfect fun thing to make, thanks for sharing!
    Gail and Joan

  2. I think you should do a whole series on crafts with Silly Bandz. Ride the wave of the craze! I saw a book at Kroger (of all places) about Silly Bandz:

    You could make backgrounds to put Silly Bandz in to write stories, make something to help kids keep track of all their Silly Bandz...

  3. That's a great idea, and a creative use for those Silly Bandz!

    This is my first visit to your blog. You're doing great work! Keep it up.