Saturday, July 24, 2010


Okay this craft took me about 3 to 4 days to make. But if you work on it all day and put your energy into making the weaving, you can do it faster. My mom takes me to the craft store about every 2 weeks to get new supplies. The last time she got me some balls of yarn so that I could make the weaving. I used 2 kinds of blue string to make the weaving. But if I wanted to I could have used the other colors of yarn that my mom got me.

1. Pick your yarn colors.
2. The first thing I did was get a box and cut a BIG piece of cardboard.
3. cut a stick that is as long as your loom.
4. I used the piece of cardboard to make a loom.
5. All you have to do is cut notches out of the cardboard.
6. Then cut a long piece of yarn and tread the big needle.
7. You tape the end of the yarn to the back of the cardboard.
8. Then wrap the yarn in front of the cardboard then tape the other end of yarn to the other side of the cardboard.
9. Weave the string over and under, over and under, etc.
10. Once you are finished with one of the colors all you have to do is tie the other piece on.
11. When you are all done, tie the end of the string to the string loom.
12. Then you will take the string loom and cut the little loom loops in half and tie the two pieces of yarn.
13. After that you will take the stick and pull the string loops over the stick.


  1. Great Weaving, now you can teach weaving to other students. Your directions are wonderful, I bet you will inspire many students to start weaving.

  2. Your weaving is beautiful and I love the step by step instructions. You wrote it in a way that made me feel like even I could do it. :)