Thursday, November 4, 2010

25 Things About Me as an Artist

1. I like to draw.
2. I like making zentangle.
3. I like to make clipboards.
4. I do not like to make jewelry.
5. I like like to go to Joann Fabrics.
6. I love to go to Wholly Craft.
7. I am not so good at painting.
8. I want to be an artist when I grow up.
9. I love art class.
10. I think jewelry and clothing look cute when they are vintage.
11. I like to make things out of cardboard boxes.
12. I like to go on YouTube and watch Annoying Orange
13. I love the way graffiti looks.
14. I like to take photos.
15. I am not a big fan of crayons.
16. I use markers more often then crayons.
17. I strongly do not like chalk.
18. I want to enter a drawing contest some day.
19. I don't like colors very much in drawings.
20. My art teacher is very fun and creative.
21. I am in love with Converse. They have a Cat in the Hat shoe. They are so cool.
22. I like to draw on the computer.
23. I have being using a bamboo to draw with.
24. Me and my sister like to decorator cupcakes.
25. I like neon colors.


  1. What a great list Ana!
    When I was a full-time classroom teacher, I loved markers. In fact, I had packs and packs of them everywhere. I used them much more than crayons and, like you, never used the big ones!
    Sounds like you have a real artistic style. :)

  2. Found your blog through another blog! I was so happy to read your story! Keep up the great writing and can't wait to see images of your work! :-)

  3. Hi great blog and it's good to see a young person making their mark on the 21st century! I'll spread your blog address to my friends in The Scottish Government and The United Nations Cop!

  4. Awesome list Ana!
    You sound like a very creative young person.
    I teach computer technology at the High School level. Maybe I will have my students make a list like this so I will know the 25 things they like most about computers.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. I love this and what a great idea for a post!